Can I have my preferred seat blocked in advance

We will certainly endeavour to get you your preferred seat but cannot guarantee it. Even if your preferred seat is obtained, it can change by the time you travel due to a variety of reasons such as change of aircraft type, preference for Frequent Flyers etc. Therefore we advise you to check-in early to obtain your preferred seat.

Do you have a brochure

We do not have a brochure. You will find the entire range of what we offer in our web site www.travelarcadeholidays.com In this manner, we are able to offer you the most up to-date and best possible rates including last minute offers which tend to change at short notice. Please do take some time and surf our web site which contains comprehensive information to cater to your needs.

Do I need a visa to visit Maldives

Visitors entering the Maldives to stay at any one of the island resorts are granted visa on arrival for 30 days. This Entry Visa does permit you to visit inhabited islands which are not resort islands but you must ensure that you depart before sun down. In case you wish to stay in one such island, you require an Inter-Atoll Travel Permit from the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Maldivian government located in Malé. You will require a local sponsor (a Maldivian national or a Maldivian owned company) to guarantee for you and take responsibility for you. Maldivians living in inhabited islands are legally not permitted to accept payment for providing accommodation.

Please ensure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months from your travel date.

Do you sell outside the UK

Our operations do extend worldwide. Payment is accepted in GBP, USD and Euro. Customer Support staff of our Sri Lankan Ground Operator Travel Arcade Holidays Pvt Ltd. are able to cater to the needs of anyone, anywhere. Your holiday booking is with Travel Arcade Holidays UK Ltd., also trading as Travel Arcade Holidays – a UK company and is protected by EU travel regulations.

Do I receive vouchers for the hotels we are using

Travel Arcade Holidays does not provide hotel vouchers to customers. You will receive your complete itinerary with hotels booked in the form of a Travel Voucher in pdf format one week prior to your departure. Your accommodation has been booked by at your destination and vouchers sent direct to the hotels.

Is my itinerary changeable after my arrival at my destination

Our Handling Agent in Colombo will make every effort to accommodate the amendments you desire. However, we do not encourage such changes to itinerary due to the strict cancellation policies adopted by Maldivian hotels whereby you will not receive a refund for nights not spent at a hotel and end up paying a second time for a new hotel.

How safe is the information I provide you with

All information given by you through our payment gateway is protected by Optimal Payments’ secure servers. Even an occasional newsletter will be sent to you only if you request it. Your information will also not be passed on to a third party. All hard copies containing your personal details are shredded no sooner they are not required. Please do not send us your credit card details by email for whatever reason.

How can we contact Travel Arcade Holidays

We prefer that you first contact us by email on info@travelarcadeholidays.com. You can also contact our Customer Support staff by phoning one of these numbers:

Hotline from UK: 02035404679
(11p a minute from UK landline, cost for mobiles and non-UK calls will vary)

IDD Tel (Worldwide): +94 114 690311
(Normal international rates will apply. Please request for call-back)

Customer Support staff of Travel Arcade Holidays are based in Colombo. This permits us to offer the most up to date advice and prices. In this manner, we are able to efficiently handle enquiries from around the world.

How do I know that my holiday is confirmed

Travel Arcade Holidays are obliged to provide you with an invoice. Your holiday as described in the invoice is confirmed once you have made payment as per terms stated in our Reservation conditions. A contract between Travel Arcade Holidays and yourself is concluded once payment has been received as stated in our Reservation conditions.

How do I pay for what I purchase

Payment or partial payment as applicable in terms of stated in Reservations conditions must normally be made within seven days of the issue of the Invoice. This payment may be required immediately in the case of last-minute bookings, or under special circumstances, in which case you will be informed of such a requirement.

Travel Arcade Holidays accept payment in the following methods:

  1. (i) Bank transfer to our UK GBP account.

    Bank name: Barclays Business
    Address: 355 Station Road
       Harrow, Middlesex HA1 2AN
    Name of account: Travel Arcade Holidays UK Ltd.
    Acct no: 23378446
    Sort-code: 20 37 16
    Swift code: BARCGB22
    IBAN:GB69 BARC 2037 1623 3784 46

  2. (ii) Bank transfer to our UK Euro account.

    Bank name: Barclays Business
    Address: 355 Station Road
       Harrow, Middlesex HA1 2AN
    Name of account: Travel Arcade Holidays UK Ltd.
    Acct no: 79954477
    Sort code: 20-37-16
    Swift code: BARCGB22
    IBAN: GB31 BARC 2037 1679 9544 77

  3. (iii) Bank transfer to our UK US$ account.

    Bank name: Barclays Business
    Address: 355 Station Road
       Harrow, Middlesex HA1 2AN
    Name of account: Travel Arcade Holidays UK Ltd.
    Acct no: 89227199
    Sort code: 20-37-16
    Swift code: BARCGB22
    IBAN: GB36 BARC 2037 1689 2271 99

  4. Notes:

    1. Customers are responsible for all bank charges for bank transfers. You could be rebilled in case the amount received in our account being lower than the amount stated in your invoice.
    2. Name and Invoice number must be stated in bank transfer details
    3. We do not levy charges such as postage or booking fees.
  5. (iv) UK cheques: By request only. You will incur no extra charge for payment by cheque.

    Please forward a cheque made out to Travel Arcade Holidays UK Ltd to ;
    Travel Arcade Holidays UK Ltd.
    The Director
    BM 2679
    WC1N 3XX
    Please do not mail your cheque to our registered address

How can persons in our home country contact us in Maldives for an emergency

You will be provided with telephone numbers of your hotels in your travel voucher. We recommend that you leave copies with at least two private contacts in your country. Mobile phones are widely used in the Maldives. A low cost pay as you go SIM card valid in the Maldives could be purchased at the airport on arrival. The shop is found on your right side when you exit the Customs area and the name of the outlet is Dhraag.

What do I need to do before I contact Travel Arcade Holidays

If you do not have any idea of what you want, we will be happy for you to call one of our Customer Support Agents who after ascertaining your interests and travel budget will design a package of your liking in consultation with you.

In case you have an idea of what you want, we recommend you note down those ideas, pass them on to email address info@travelarcadeholidays.com and then talk to one of our Customer Support Agents who will help you to design a package to suit your interests. For this purpose, please tell us as much as you can of what interests you.

Whilst we appreciate that some may wish to amend itineraries originally planned, it is advantageous to get your ideal package right at the beginning thus avoiding the need to amend reservations with hotels and airlines as rooms and / or seats may not be available thus requiring to select alternatives.

What do I do if I require special assistance on the flight or at hotels

You need to contact the local airline office at least three weeks prior to your travel date and inform yourself of their procedure. Most airlines require a form to be filled with all details of your medical condition and certified by a qualified medical practitioner. If you are purchasing your flights from us, you could then send it to us and we will ensure that the document is passed to the airline, hotels and handling agent as required.

What assistance do I receive at the airport

Customers will be met by the respective Hotel Representative at the Ibrahim Nasir international Airport (former: Male’ international airport). He could be found outside the arrival hall once you have cleared Customs formalities. We do not provide meet-on-departure facilities at your point of departure.

What money do I need for local expenses

Most leading bars, restaurants and shops in the Maldives accept credit cards. Due to ever increasing credit card fraud, we recommend you purchase all excursions from Travel Arcade Holidays in advance. You can settle your bills for services obtained from bars and restaurants outside your hotel using credit cards. Traveller cheques are not accepted for direct transactions in bars and restaurants but can be en-cashed at all leading banks and hotels. When en-cashing traveller cheques or foreign currency, do bear in mind that bank rates are invariably more advantageous than hotel conversion rates. However, it necessitates a visit to a bank. All banks are open for business on week days. They are closed on weekends and on public holidays. We recommend that you use the bank located at the arrival hall after completing Customs formalities as they offer attractive exchange rates. Please look after your passport, cash, traveller cheques and credit cards and make sure you use safety locker facilities provided by most hotels for this purpose. Maldivian Rufiyaas cannot be purchased overseas.

What will happen if I have to cancel my holiday

We make every effort to return all recoverable costs, other than the minimum shown in our Booking Conditions. We operate under EC travel law. We will respond as quickly as we hear from you and expect our customers to act in the same manner. We appreciate that holidays are sometimes cancelled for valid reasons. Please refer our Reservation Conditions for full details. If you do not tell us that you no longer wish to travel, cancellation / no show charges will arise which we will regrettably have to recover from you.

What are the off seasons for tourism in the Maldives

Maldives is blessed with tropical weather year round. Rain is mostly experienced during months of June / July during the wet southwest monsoon.

Why should we book with Travel Arcade Holidays

We offer a personalised, dependable and efficient service with a view towards assisting you to design your preferred holiday at reasonable prices. We endeavour to make your dream holiday a reality by trying to include your smallest wish in your itinerary. We are also ready to support you with our ground support and flexible Reservation Conditions in case things go wrong.

Will you reconfirm our return flight

Most airlines have done away with reconfirmation policy. Nevertheless, in case you have purchased a package inclusive of air ticket, our Handling Agent will attend to reconfirmation if required. However if you have purchased your own flights, it is your responsibility to attend to reconfirmation formalities where necessary, direct with the airline or travel agent.

Going through our 'Know Maldives', FAQ and Reservation Conditions pages will be advantages to you and will keep you better informed on country, hotels, reservation procedures and much more...

01 January 2012