Reservation Conditions

Acceptance of Reservation Conditions

Your Reservation contract is with Travel Arcade Holidays UK Ltd, a UK based travel company. The term “Travel Arcade Holidays ” in these Reservation Conditions refer to Travel Arcade Holidays UK Ltd. All planning is carried out on behalf of Travel Arcade Holidays by our Handling Agent Travel Arcade Holidays Pvt. Ltd. – a Sri Lanka based company referred to in these pages as our handling agent. The purpose of these reservation conditions are to safe guard the interests of all parties. By using Travel Arcade Holidays website or initiating any written communication with Travel Arcade Holidays is confirmation that you have read, fully understood and accept these reservation conditions and that you are over 18 years of age.

Confirmation of your Reservation & Payment

All reservations, whether pre-designed packages found in our website or tailor made packages to suit your needs will be agreed by the issuance of a Quotation. Once you have confirmed acceptance of our quotation, Travel Arcade Holidays will send you an Invoice which is our confirmation of the agreed services. Payment of deposit or full payment as applicable within the stipulated time period concludes the sale contract between Travel Arcade Holidays and yourself.

Payment could be made by :

  1. On-line credit/debit card payment
  2. UK cheque ( by prior request ) drawn payable to Travel Arcade Holidays UK Ltd and sent to ;

    The Director
    Travel Arcade Holidays UK Ltd.
    BM 2679
    London WC1N 3XX

    Please do not mail your cheque to our registered address

  3. Bank transfer (by prior request)
    • (i) Bank transfer to our UK GBP account. By request only.

      Bank name: Barclays Business
      Address: 355 Station Road
         Harrow, Middlesex HA1 2AN
      Name of account: Travel Arcade Holidays UK Ltd.
      Acct no: 23378446
      Sort-code: 20 37 16
      Swift code: BARCGB22
      IBAN: GB69 BARC 2037 1623 3784 46

    • (ii) Bank transfer to our UK Euro account. By request only.

      Bank name: Barclays Business
      Address: 355 Station Road
         Harrow, Middlesex HA1 2AN
      Name of account: Travel Arcade Holidays UK Ltd.
      Acct no: 79954477
      Sort code: 20-37-16
      Swift code: BARCGB22
      IBAN: GB31 BARC 2037 1679 9544 77

    • (iii) Bank transfer to our UK US$ account. By request only.

      Bank name: Barclays Business
      Address: 355 Station Road
         Harrow, Middlesex HA1 2AN
      Name of account: Travel Arcade Holidays UK Ltd.
      Acct no: 89227199
      Sort code : 20-37-16
      Swift code: BARCGB22
      IBAN: GB36 BARC 2037 1689 2271 99

We reserve the right to cancel all reservations in the event of failure to meet the payment deadline/s stated below (under payment schedule). You will be advised after cancellation.

Payment Schedule
  1. 25% of total cost within 7 calendar days of receiving your Invoice
  2. 75% of total cost 7 weeks prior to departure
  3. 100% of total cost to be settled within 2 calendar days by Bank Transfer in case travel is within six weeks
  1. Some hotels may demand full payment at the time of confirmation of accommodation. In such an instance, we will be compelled to request you for full settlement of charges applicable to such hotels. Such requirements will always be stated in your Invoice.
  2. In the event of a bank transfer, customer is required to bear all bank charges. A contract may not be deemed as concluded in the event of Travel Arcade Holidays receiving any payment less than amount stated in the Invoice and could result in the cancellation of reservations
  3. Any additional bank charges involved in a second transfer to make good the short fall in the initial payment as well as refunding money as a result of cancellation due to incorrect payments will have to be borne by the customer
  4. No additional charges such as postage and reservation charges are levied by Travel Arcade Holidays
  5. Non UK Customers settling in Euro or USD may transfer amount in your Invoice to our Euro and USD accounts respectively. Account details found above.

Travel Insurance is mandatory. Please ensure that your Travel Insurance policy covers you for refunds.

Refund calculations
  • 95% of deposit paid and bank charges when cancellation is more than 42 calendar days prior to departure
  • 50% of Reservation cost and bank charges when cancellation is less than 42 calendar days prior to departure
  • 100% of Reservation cost when cancellation is less than 28 calendar days prior to departure
Accuracy of information provided by us

Travel Arcade Holidays will make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information provided by us. Despite our best efforts, should an error occur we will correct any errors or omissions brought to our notice. Most details pertaining to places and events have been researched and obtained from documents related to the relevant subjects. Even though every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of such details, we cannot be held responsible for misinformation that might occasionally arise. Temporary situations too could arise such as temporary closures due to off season, renovations etc.

Assistance at Destination

All customers who purchase their holiday arrangements will be met by the respective Hotel Representative after you have cleared customs and assisted to your transfer point.


Acceptable behaviour with due consideration to local customs is expected from you at all times during your stay in the country. In case of substantiated serious complaints from our representatives or suppliers of unacceptable behaviour and / or, wilful damage to property on the part of any member of the touring party, your reservation may be cancelled after you have been informed. You would also be held responsible for compensation payments for any damages caused. No refund claims can be entertained in such instances.

Cancellation of reservation by Travel Arcade Holidays

Travel Arcade Holidays will take all measures and precautions to protect your reservation. However, we reserve the right to cancel your reservations in cases of Force Majeure. In such instances, Travel Arcade Holidays days will endeavour to offer you alternate reservations of similar type and quality for your concurrence or else return all monies paid by you. We will not accept responsibility for any miscellaneous expenses incurred by you during the period your holidays were being arranged and later cancelled by us.

Cancellation of reservation by Customer
  1. Travel Arcade Holidays will refund all recoverable costs ( amount after settling any applicable cancellation charges imposed by our suppliers ) in the event of cancellation of your reservation in whole or in part
  2. We reserve the right to retain 5% of the total reservation cost to cover administrative costs related to processing the refund
  3. We cannot process refunds for No Shows and early check-outs
  4. Cancellation charges will not exceed total value of your invoice
  5. A Customer wishing to cancel a reservation must communicate instructions to cancel in writing by email to email id with a copy to the Customer Support Agent who has been dealing with the reservation. As all cancellations need to be communicated by our Handling Agent in Sri Lanka to our suppliers, time difference, working hours and Public Holidays need to be taken into consideration when calculating release periods and cancellation charges.
  6. In case of a cancellation of a group, even though communication will be with one individual – usually the Tour Leader / Organiser, each group member is individually liable for cancellation charges.
Changes to itinerary made by Travel Arcade Holidays

Travel Arcade Holidays will make every effort to deliver all aspects of the tour program as confirmed in the Invoice. Any changes will be made only in the event of unavoidable and compelling reasons and that too only in consultation with the Customer. In the event of a last minute change of hotels being required after the commencement of your holiday for reasons such as a particular hotel being overbooked, we will either obtain accommodation in a hotel of similar standard to the original hotel or else refund the applicable difference in case the alternate hotel being of a lesser standard. No additional transfer costs will be charged.

Changes to itinerary made by Customer

Travel Arcade Holidays will always try to accommodate the wishes of our customers. As such, any requests for change of itinerary will be explored on request. However, this might alter the original quoted price depending on hotel rates and additional kilometerage costs

Customer Care and Complaints Handling

Travel Arcade Holidays believes in providing a high level of customer care throughout your holiday inclusive of resolving any problems as they arise and to the satisfaction of all parties. Any complaint must be brought to the notice of the Manager of the hotel concerned. Should your grievance not be addressed to your satisfaction within 24 hours, Travel Arcade Holidays need to be advised by fax or email which will provide an opportunity towards amicably settling the issue. You will be provided with all required contact numbers before the commencement of your holiday and it is your responsibility to retain them carefully throughout your holiday. We reserve the right to decline liability for any complaint for which the laid down procedure has not been followed.

Flight Times / Other Requirements

Your flight times are stated on your e-ticket. It is your responsibility to check the conditions of your e-ticket and make yourself available at the airport for check-in as per the requirements of the airline in which you have been booked. It is possible that the airline might make short changes to the departure time given in your e-ticket for which we do not accept responsibility. Please do ensure that your passport has sufficient pages, a minimum validity of 6 months, visas as per regulations (for details, please see FAQs), Travel Insurance and spending money during your holiday are all in order.

Force Majeure

Travel Arcade Holidays will not accept responsibility for Force Majeure as defined in these Reservations Conditions for which we as the supplier of your holiday could not have foreseen, avoided or influenced. These include but are not limited to war, threat of war, riots, civil commotion, terrorism, extreme and unusual weather conditions, industrial disputes, volcanic eruptions, natural and nuclear disasters, fire, flight rescheduling and cancellations by airlines ,performance failures of parties outside the control of the contracting party and any other events beyond our control.

Negligence and Breach of Contract

Travel Arcade Holidays accept liability for occurrences arising directly as a result of proven negligence on our part or on the part of our suppliers in respect of your holiday arrangements, only in the case of both accommodation and ground transfers for the whole period has been arranged by us. It applies to illness, injury and / or death.

Part Hotel

In case of a package whereby only one or a few hotels have been reserved through Travel Arcade Holidays, we cannot be held responsible for any service failure of hotels reserved independently by the customer. In the event of customers having purchased transfers on their own from any source other than Travel Arcade Holidays , we will not accept responsibility in case customer is not able to find the hotels reserved through Travel Arcade Holidays nor for not being able to report in time for their trains and / or flights. Any resulting financial loss will have to be borne by the customer.

Personal Loss, Injury and Illness unrelated to arrangements made by Travel Arcade Holidays

In the event of the losses such as baggage / valuables, serious illness, personal injury or death during your holiday period, both we and our Handling Agent will provide voluntary advice and guidance at our / their discretion. This must to be carried out in conjunction with your travel insurance policy which is a mandatory requirement for availing our services

Price Guarantee

Travel Arcade Holidays guarantee that your arrangements will not be subjected to surcharges except in instances of a cost increase due to (a) flight charges (b) change in Government policy. No surcharges will be made due to currency fluctuations

Safety of your Personal Information

All information passed by you will be used solely for the purpose of developing your holiday package with necessary reservations and will be treated confidentially. We will not pass on any of your details to a third party. All hard copies containing your personal details are shredded no sooner they are not required. Please do not send us your credit card details by email for whatever reason.

Security Deposit (applicable to reservations at Villas only)

A security deposit of one day’s room rental to be used as security for damages / additional charges incurred during stay may be required to be paid directly to the operator. This amount will be returned to you within one month of your departure date subject to any deductions

Travel Insurance

Every holiday maker from United Kingdom and EU countries without exception must purchase valid travel insurance prior to departure with sufficient coverage for the type of holiday purchased as well as refund facility.

Travel Arcade provides an easy link to BenGo Travel Insurance who will service our customers. Please click on Travel Insurance for further details.

We reserve the right to refuse travel for UK / EU holiday makers not in possession of suitable travel insurance.

Whilst we recommend the purchase of travel insurance for holiday makers from non UK / EU countries, valid travel insurance is not mandatory for holiday makers from non UK / EU countries.

Travelling in the Tropics

Travel Arcade Holidays undertake reservations / tours in the range of luxury to budget arrangements. Every effort is made to ensure that the services are of the highest quality. Nevertheless, it must be borne in mind that service and infrastructures standards in tropical countries may not necessarily be of comparable level to the standards customers are used to. For example, power cuts can occur since all hotels generate their own power by way of generators and they need to be switched off at least once a day for maintenance. By making your reservations with us is a statement of acceptance of these conditions. Customers are advised to take necessary precautions and refer independent sources for further advice.

Vaccinations / Medications

Customers are advised to consult their GP for recommended vaccinations at least one month before travel. Do not forget to check if malaria tablets are required. In addition, customers who require a daily dose of medications are advised to carry an adequate stock to last during the entire vacation as your regular type of medications may not be available at your destination

Your Contract

Your contract is with Travel Arcade Holidays UK Ltd., also trading as Travel Arcade Holidays, 121 Amelia House, 11 Boulevard Drive, London NW9 5JQ and registered with Companies House. Please refer our Contact page for company registration details.

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