Travel Insurance

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Travel Arcade Holidays is an approved introducer of BenGo Travel Insurance You can now book your travel insurance online using the convenient link displayed on this page.

Simply click BenGo Travel Insurance logo on this page for a detailed quotation. Should you decide to accept the quotation, please pay BenGo Travel Insurance direct using your credit / debit card. It is as simple as that. Policies can be booked by UK and EU residents only.

It is not necessary to request your Travel Arcade Holidays Customer Support Agent to obtain a quote for travel insurance. You are able to book directly with BenGo Travel Insurance which is more economical.

  • All prices are subject to 20% Insurance Premium Tax as explained by BenGo Travel Insurance. Since it is a government tax, it may change without prior notice based on government policy.
  • To ensure full protection, you must arrange you insurance cover at the time of booking your holiday.
  • Travel Arcade Holidays will require information about your insurance cover when you book any flight holiday with us.
  • Please note that Travel Insurance offered free by some credit card companies often only offers limited protection.


Travel Arcade Holidays wishes to offer the following general advice on travel insurance:


Please read the document which gives you full details of what is and is not covered and the conditions of the cover very carefully. Cover will vary from policy to policy and insurer to insurer.

Conditions, Exclusions & Warranties

Conditions and exclusions may apply to individual sections of your policy while general exclusions, conditions and warranties may apply to your whole policy.

Cooling Off Period

Your policy could contain a cooling off period during which time you could cancel the policy and obtain a refund. Please check with the insurer the length of the cooling off period you have to cancel your policy.


Your insurer may record details of claims in an anti-fraud register.

General Information

BenGo Travel Insurance is provided by Bennett Gould & Partners Ltd who are, authorised and regulated by Financial Services Authorities. The name of the insurer will be shown on the insurance documents you receive. If you require additional information or have any queries relating to the travel insurance, please ask BenGo Travel Insurance directly and all contact details can be found on their website.

Hazardous Activities

If you are taking part in any hazardous activities, please check if your policy covers you.


Your policy may have restrictions on pre-existing medical problems concerning the health of persons travelling and of other persons whose health the trip may depend on. Therefore, please read the policy carefully.

Policy Document

Please read the document which gives you full details of what is and is not covered and the conditions of the cover very carefully. Cover will vary from policy to policy and insurer to insurer.

Policy Excesses

In most cases, claims may be subject to an excess. This means that you may be responsible for paying the first part of the claim. The amount you have to pay is the excess which the insurer will state.

Policy Limits

Most sections of your policy may contain limits on the amount the insurer may pay under that section. Some sections also include specific limits, for example: for any one item or for valuables in total. Please check your policy if you plan to take expensive items with you

Property Claims

These claims can be paid based on the value of the goods at the time you lose them and not on a `new for old’ or replacement cost basis, unless the contrary is stated in your policy. Your policy will state what proof the insurer needs to support your claim. Please check your policy to see if you are covered and what limits may have been placed on the insurance.

Reasonable Care

You need to ensure that reasonable care is taken to protect yourself and your property, as you would if you were not insured.

This information is not a substitute for your insurance policy. Acceptable insurance cover is mandatory for all holidays packages operated by Travel Arcade Holidays. Please note that BenGo Travel Insurance is not provided by Travel Arcade Holidays and we cannot provide any advice on the insurance product.